The Port of Miami Shuttle Services
Transportation to the Cruise Capital

This page has information about traveling using the Port of Miami shuttle services. When you do a search online, it looks like there are several official Port of Miami shuttle services while the reality is that there isn't an official service. Most of them are quite legitimate, there just is no official designation.

The Port of Miami Shuttle Services
Transportation to the Cruise Capital

An Unofficial Guide

Options for getting to your cruise include transportation provided by hotels, taxi or cab, mass transit and private limo.

Obviously when dealing with hotel transportation for a Port of Miami shuttle, you should talk to the hotel in advance. Find out what policies they have and what is expected. This includes how much warning you have to give them or if they have a regular schedule. Most of them are used to dealing with people joining cruises so can also educate you as to other options as well. Ask about tipping policies, etc. as well to avoid confusion. It is better to know what is expected than accidentally insult someone.

There are a variety of taxi or cab services located in South Florida. Any of these companies are more than happy to accommodate your needs for transportation to your cruise line. They are all familiar with the area and certainly with drop off procedures.

While mass transit in South Florida isn't the best of anywhere in the world, the entrance is not far from rail and bus lines. You should consult the county government site for mass transit information. You should also note that carrying luggage on such forms of transit are terribly inconvenient.

If you would like information about Port of Miami rental cars, simply click the link.

Private limousine services are surprisingly affordable and can accommodate all your luggage needs easily. And for larger groups, vans or mini-busses are available as well. Their Port of Miami shuttle bus services can meet the largest group needs you may have as well.

If you are looking for transportation from FLL, click the link for information.

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