South Florida Green Travel
Port of Miami

The port of Miami has taken a proactive approach to reduce the environmental impact of the Port of Miami on the ecosystems of South Florida.

South Florida Green Travel
Port of Miami

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Among other things being undertaken, governmental agencies are being consulted to determine positive changes in anchorage positioning, improving construction standards to make green choices. Projects such as the cruise terminals and the tunnel are all being designed with the natural wildlife and power conservation issues in mind. This means that convenience as well as the environment work hand in hand to develop the executive decisions for the Port of Miami.

Likewise, the South Florida area has been working hard to enhance the environment and protect the riches that helped make it such a popular destination for people from around the world.

MIA has been restructuring and making the building more efficient in a lot of ways. The road construction in the surrounding area promises to reduce congestion and thus be more fuel efficient. Mass transit access will be enhanced, reducing the need for rental cars and instead shuttles, buses and trains will carry passengers to the world's top cruise ship terminals.

The Miami Beach hotels have been pushing a green agenda. Staff has been undergoing green training and most hotels have adopted various policies to enhance the area environment.

Many of the Miami airport hotels provide shuttles to and from MIA as well as potentially providing you with access to your cruise ship or areas of South Beach like Lincoln Road or Ocean Drive. Simply talk to the concierge or even front desk of your Miami airport hotel to see if it provides such travel options. That can greatly reduce your carbon footprint for your travel.

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