Port of Miami Rental Cars
The Cruise Capital of the World

This page has information about Port of Miami rental cars for when you travel to South Florida. Here you will find information to contact the major Port of Miami rental cars providers as well as information about cruise lines, parking and other issues.

Port of Miami Rental Cars
The Cruise Capital of the World

An Unofficial Guide

Every year, millions of travelers utilize the Port and its facilities. Several Port of Miami rental car companies exist to assist with your needs. Please go to their sites for more information about upcoming travel opportunities or call them for more information.

Most of the Port of Miami rental car companies don't have facilities dockside. They will shuttle you to the airport to pick up your ride. Often, these will actually be at better rates than if you booked at MIA directly. Enterprise may provide a pick-up service and there are some locations in downtown, closer to the port, by some companies.

If you are staying in the area, you might also want to contact your South Florida hotel. They may provide shuttle service and you may not need a vehicle. See more about Hotels or Shuttle Services by clicking on the links.

Port of Miami Rental Car Companies

Reservations - (800) 331-1212
Customer Service - (800) 352-7900
Roadside Assistance - (800) 354-2847

Reservations - (800) 261-7331
Español - (877) 416-0000
Customer Service - (800) 264-6350
Roadside Assistance - (800) 307-6666

Reservations - 800-527-0700
Customer Service - (800) 214-6094 (8:30am - 8:30pm M-F)
Roadside Assistance - (800) 354-2847

Reservations - (800) 654-3131
Customer Service - (800) 654-4174
Reservations - (877) 222-9058
Customer Service - (800) 468-3334
Roadside Assistance - (800) 367-6767

Reservations - (800) 800-3665
Customer Service - (800) 800-5252
Roadside Assistance - (800) 235-9393

Reservations - (800) THRIFTY

Reservations - (877) 222-9075
Customer Service - (800) 445-5664
Roadside Assistance - (800) 803-4444

Royal Rent-a-Car - 800-314-8616

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