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This site has been built by members of the community to assist in the promotion of the Port of Miami and assist the businesses doing business in Miami.

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We are currently preparing information to create several links to industry leaders utilizing the Port of Miami for import/export and ancillary services. If you wish to have your information included in this page, please contact us at web@theportofmiami.com. There is not currently any charge for such a listing, but we reserve the right to refuse any listing.

It is important to have information about not just the Port of Miami, but the port that is either shipping the freight to the Port of Miami, or the port that you may be shipping to. The Port of Miami.com provides a comprehensive list of sites of worldwide ports. You may access U.S. Ports, Canadian Ports or Ports of the Rest of the World. We hope that you find this information useful.

As the Gateway to the Americas, it is important for you to obtain up-to-date information about working in Latin America. To that extent, we provide you with a link to Americas Business Link, a site dedicated to assisting U.S. companies looking to do business throughout the Americas.

Return soon to locate new information about the port and its facilities.