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Ports from Around the World

The Port of Miami.com brings you clear and concise information to assist you as you develop your business and ship to world-wide ports of call. We are aware that anything coming into the Port of Miami comes from another port, and anything shipping out of the Port of Miami has a destination elsewhere in the world.

Here you can access a collection of links to information about ports from around the world. As you ship from the Port of Miami, we want you to obtain information about destination ports as easily as possible. The links below were for world ports and we have additional pages for U.S. ports and Canadian ports.

Below were the links to ports throughout the world outside of the U.S. and Canada. To access ports in the United States or Canada, click the appropriate category.

We used to provide links to specific ports from around the world but discovered that the links simply changed too quickly so we are restraining ourselves to the US and Canada. If you would like more information, there's a great site that has much more information and you can access it by simply clicking to go to the Port Directory.

In the meantime, I hope that you will continue to utilize the port of Miami for your commerce from South Florida to the rest of the world.


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