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The Port of Miami
South Beach Hotels
Stay at the Cruise Capital of the World

This page has information about staying at the Port of Miami at South Beach hotels. Here you will find some information about the area, things to do, and considerations for making your vacation a good one.

People from around the world enjoy cruising from the world's top cruise ship port. But you can extend your vacation by taking advantage of its location so close to the top South Beach hotels that cater to your every whim. From the top-notch spas to the Art Deco architecture, the shopping on Lincoln Road and the walk along Ocean Drive, there's something to cater to the most distinguished to simply those that enjoy the nightlife of the area.

Celebrities from around the world stay at South Beach hotels to go clubbing in the area. The world famous venues draw people from everywhere and the pictures taken by the paparazi adorn magazines around the world. It's a place to see and be seen. Then you head out to cruise the seas in relative privacy.

South Beach hotels break down in the following ways. First, there is Ocean Drive. This is the Mecca of Florida's lodging scene. The old hotels overlook one of the most popular destinations in the world and the rich and famous have made this their playground for years. These accommodations were made to pamper you.

Second, there is Collins Avenue. Ocean Drive is limited in scope as the ocean takes a slight jog to to west ending Ocean Drive. Collins Avenue then takes over and heads north. Larger hotels are located along this stretch including the Ritz and the Loews as well as many, many more. If you are looking for larger facilities for weddings or major events, many are handled in this area.

Third, there is Washington Avenue. These are generally and considered less prestigious, but offer a good value for the seasoned traveler. These South Beach hotels offer discounts compared to the others because they are a block away from the water. Remember, the further from the ocean, the less prestigious the address.

Fourth, another consideration when considering South Beach hotels is your desire for location. For example, you may wish for better access to Lincoln Road as opposed to Ocean Drive. Lincoln Road is a closed street with walkways and restaurants in the middle. People are skating by and others sitting back enjoying mojitos. Something for everyone.

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